Plato para Todos is Spanish for “a meal for everyone.”, it is a food project in the south of Quito, the capital of Ecuador. The project was started to help poor children with their nutrition and development, it’s main goal is to care for children at risk of serious health problems due to malnutrition.
In Quito, large quantities of fresh food are thrown away at markets, restaurants and in supermarkets. This food is wasted while many low-income families have a hard time putting food on the table. In collaboration with Banco de Alimentos Quito (BAQ), the local food bank, we try to contribute to moving this food to deficit areas and to help people with their health.
The donations/goods we receive from (the) BAQ are not enough to make complete meals out of. For example, we have to purchase meat, fish, dairy products and oils. With the help of regular donations, we can provide healthy meals for the children.

Proud partner of:

Local Dreamers

Local Dreamers is a Dutch organization that is active in Quito. They create an inspiring and safe learning environment for Ecuadorian children and young people. They work with international volunteers who help the local community discover, develop, connect and share their talents and dreams with each other. Projects include a football school, swimming school and an English school.

Banco de Alimento

Banco de Alimentos (BAQ) is the local food bank in Quito, they have been active since 2002 and provide 485 families and 45 institutions, such as schools and orphanages, with daily food. Their goal is to prevent food waste, to take real action to combat hunger and to redistribute food to people who are living in extreme poverty. It is a non-governmental organization that strives for a future without hunger in Ecuador by strengthening the ties between the food production sector and people suffering from food scarcity. In Quito, more than 100 tons of food are wasted daily, while 1 in 7 people go to bed without eating in the evening.