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Thank you for donating to our cause! Plato para Todos is a part of the Dutch

foundation Local Dreamers. We are all dreamers. You too. Where people in Holland typically dream about a vacation home near the sea, the newest Playstation or a trip around the world, all some children in Ecuador dream about is going to school and living healthy.

As an amigo of Plato para Todos you will help us make a difference for Ecuadorian children.

You decide how much you want to donate. All of the money you donate will always be used for the project in its entirety. If you would like to, we will keep you informed on what your donations are used for.

How to donate

By filling out the form below, you will give us permission to withdraw money from your account on a monthly basis, for example an amount of 3 or 5 euro a month.

Because Local Dreamers has a protected ANBI-status, your donations are tax-deductible. Read more…