What we do

In the neighbourhood José Paralta, situated in the far south of Quito, a lot of children aren’t eating well and suffer from malnutrition. This obviously has many negative effects on a child’s development and future. We’ve started a Comedor Comunitario, a soup-kitchen, to contribute to the development of children and their parents and to help escape extreme poverty. We provide poor children with a healthy lunch every day while offering them a place to learn and play.

The Comedor is situated in the neighbourhood’s centre, next to a school with about 800 students. The poorest children can visit our centre daily to eat healthy, learn and play. With the help of volunteering mothers and fathers from the neighbourhood we make sure there is enough local support to carry out the project. Besides that, volunteers from the Local Dreamers foundation and the Banco de Alimentos are available from time to time to help in the kitchen and teach the children. We are also still looking to collaborate with universities or social organizations to improve our project.

Banco de Alimentos Quito (BAQ), Quito’s local food bank, is our partner that supplies us with fresh food every week. They mainly deliver vegetables, fruit, rice, potatoes and pasta for 10% of the normal selling price. The additional food supplies are bought weekly with donations from Holland.